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# Contributors

  • Roy Kid, University of Science & Technology of China;
  • Ethan, Johns Hopkins University;
  • 小侯飞刀,University of Science & Technology of China;
  • 三级狗;
  • Shafat Mubin, PennState;

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  • Roy Kid

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* Roy Kid:
    * 邮箱:lijichen365@126.com

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The content and code of the website are hosted in [GitHub](https://github.com/Roy-Kid/lammpscn)CC BY-NC-SA 3 CN protocol is adopted. In order to maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the project, we expect to obtain the corresponding financial support to maintain the server overhead. You can sponsor our development in the following ways.

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If you have been engaged in molecular dynamics research for many years and have a deep understanding of lamps, your best feedback to the community is to contribute what you can. With your help, I believe that a perfect, friendly and constantly updated community will be established soon, which is also the charm of open source.